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Anti Drug Addication campgin

Posted by SANAM CHETTRI on July 28, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)


 Sub: Praying for sponsorship to run Anti Drug Addiction campaign


Dear Sir,

We Muskan Himalayan Youth Foundation, Non government organization, Garidhura Bazar, P.O. Simulbari, P.S. Kurseong, Dist- Darjeeling, Registered by the Govt. of West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961, having the registration No.64630, would like to inform you that we have been working for the welfare of the society since the establishment of our organization in 2009. As we work in the field of education, anti drug, environment, child labour, human trafficking etc. At present we are working in three projects viz. “ Ya Bartay Kadam, A Hope of Vision”, “Anti Drug Addiction Program” and “ May I help You”. We have been working in these projects successfully; we would like to run the program “Anti Drug addiction Program’ throughout the district of Darjeeling,  as well as four districts of Sikkim.

Sir, we are very sad to say that one of our program “Anti Drug Addiction Program-2013”, which was scheduled to be start from 7th of July 2013 was postponed due to the poor weather condition in the district of Darjeeling and Sikkim.. It is very sad to inform you that, although we are well known that misuse of Drug has been one of the major problem seen at present in our society, it is ruining the youth, students of our society. But we are still waiting for the day when there would be no way where only the darkness would capture the society. Sir, even though we fail in our first attempt, we have now decided to run the program from 9th of August 2013 in all the areas mentioned above. We have aimed to run an awareness camp in more than 2000 high schools and the higher secondary schools around these areas and in the district headquarters’ for the public.

Sir, for this program we would be very grateful to you if you come forward and support us. 


Hoping, that you may come forward to be the main sponsor of our program.


Thanking you,


Yours truly,

Anup Ramudamu


Muskan Himalayan Youth Foundation (NGO)

Cont: +91-7699497687/ 9614256162

E-mail: [email protected]








Muskan NGO believes that society free from drug is one which can always set an example for the nation itself. Addiction to Drugs not only affect the individual involve but also disturb their families as well as whole society. Misuse of Drugs is one of the prone reasons behind the social crimes. Hence, knowing the fact Muskan NGO has come forward to eradicate such a burning problem of misuse of Drug from the society.


In order to run the project, the team of seven members would visit almost 500 schools around the district of Darjeeling, where they would run the awareness campaign briefing the students about the demerits of Drug addiction.




As we all know that the child today is the future citizen of the nation. But the youth today are been the servant of Drug Addiction, it has been the matter of concern, that we are losing our future or, we can see the darkness in our future. Therefore, we Muskan NGO wants to build the Drug free Society through this project. “We believe – “Together we can change someone’s life”.




           1st Phrase


All the high schools and higher secondary schools around:

i.                    Kurseong

ii.                  Darjeeling

iii.                Mirik

iv.               Kalingpong

v.                 North Sikkim (Mangan District)

vi.               South Sikkim (Namchi District)

vii.             East Sikkim (Gangtok District)

viii.           West Sikkim (Gazing District)


         2nd Phrase

i.                    Darjeeling

ii.                  Kuresong

iii.                Mirik

iv.               Kalingpong

v.                 Four Districts of Sikkim


Muskan NGO would include the huge mass in all the above mentioned places to ensure that all the people come under our project.




          1st Phrase

Four weeks [all the working days]


        2nd Phrase


One month [in all the district headquarters ]




         1st Phrase


1. Forms------------------------------                          20,000/

2. Leaflets----------------------------                           20,000/

3. Posters-----------------------------                          15,000/

4. Flex---------------------------------                          50,000/

5. Permanent Marker---------------                           12,000/

6. Traveling--------------------------                           40,000/

7. Fooding----------------------------                          30,000/

9. Extra-------------------------------                           20,000/

Total----------------------------------                          2,07,000/ [two lakh seven thousand only]


         2nd Phrase


1. Stage----------------------------------                        80,000/

2. Sound System -----------------------                      40,000/

3. Fooding ------------------------------                       40,000/

4. Lodging ------------------------------                       20,000/

5. Traveling -----------------------------                        40,000/

6. Others --------------------------------                       40,000/

                                        Total ------                 2,60,000/ [two lakh sixty thousand only]



Total Expenditure   -----------------      2,07,000 + 2,60,000= 4,67,000/ [four lakh sixty seven thousand only]




Through this project we will able to reach in each and every people of our society. Every people would be conscious, so that, we can dream a addiction free society. Every door, community as well as whole youth will come under this project by which we believe that atleast we can add a drop to fill the pot of Drug free society.







                                                                        Anup Ramudamu

                                                Muskan Himalayan Youth Foundation (NGO)

                                                Garidhura Bazar, PO- Simulbari,

                                                Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal-734009

                                                Cont: +91- 7699497687/ 9614256162

                                                E-mail; [email protected]



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